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Friday, September 2, 2011


Sorry, been busy with work. Will have another store photo or Super Kmart post up within a week or two once things settle down more! But in the meantime, Sears Holdings announced another disappointing quarter financially (any surprise here?) and 29 more store closings (sound familiar? kind of the theme for the past decade...) include 3 full Sears and 10 Kmart stores. These include Kmart stores in Spokane WA, Orlando FL (the previous post actually!!!! 40 years of that store, gone, perhaps for the better of that area... although it supposedly employed 91 people, seems a bit high), Cary NC, Ocala FL, and Burlington WI (55 employees). That's 5 out of the 10... anyone know the full Kmart list? Although it's getting so hard to keep track with store closings seemingly announced every few months!


  1. I know the store in Florence, Kentucky closed over the not sure of the other 4 though


  3. The only other store I know closing later this year is Ithaca, NY.

    On the flip side, here in the midwest, they've been expanding their grocery sections, adding a fourth aisle of food in stores with adjacent space in their pantry departments. A little over 100 stores have been done so far. Most of the new space is vendor product (beer, wine, soda, chips) but there was some new regular grocery items. In no way is it competitive with Target's Pfresh layout though.

  4. My local Kmart in Waukesha, WI confirmed today they are closing in Jan. 2012.

  5. Well... That means Kmart's store count will be dropping below 1,300 stores. I would really like to know what goods come out of closing stores. Does it really save Kmart any money?

  6. It is sad to hear about even more closures. I am still upset with the near abandonment of the Super Kmart concept. I am lucky to live close to one of the 26 remaining locations. Super Kmart had lots of potential, but was disected for no reason. I heard Sears Holdings does not like operating grocery stores or just stores in general. Eddie Lampert's vision of Sears Holdings is storeless with brands like Craftsman, Kenmore, and Sears Auto Center. This is getting closer to reality as more and more stores close,Sears brands are found on shelves at many different retailers, and anyone can open a franchise Sears Auto Center.



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