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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Paintsville, KY Big Kmart

Special: Guest Posting: Kmart Nightmares... the clutter returns!

Big Kmart #4827
344 North Mayo Trail
Paintsville, KY 41240

This 94,840 sq foot Big Kmart on a hill has a new neighbor that opened in the 2000s next door: a Wal-Mart Supercenter. How long will the Paintsville Kmart stay open? Well, from the photos submitted by our anonymous contributor, our small - town Appalachian Kmart may have its days numbered. It seems like a makeover of the employees or management is needed! But hey, it seems like such a rural small town community in the poor Appalachian area (which on a tangent is 99% white) might not support both Walmart and Kmart even if Kmart were run slightly better...  Indeed, even the Paintsville city government website seems to acknowledge this fact (well, OK, Kmart was cheap and didn't bother joining the local Chamber of Commerce while Wal-Mart did) with this quote on the home page:
"Paintsville is home to both award winning city and county school systems, and Paintsville is the major retail hub for all of Johnson County having such retail gaints as a super Wal-Mart and a super Lowes store. "

Well, being proud of a Wal-Mart definitely means you're in the middle of nowhere, and misspelling "gaints" on your city government homepage just adds even more embarrassment for educated urban dwellers to be seen in the economically isolated area of Appalachia, Kentucky. And thanks to our anonymous contributor for these photos.

What a disaster!

Well, that's all for this post... Kmart Nightmares! Next time, we'll return with Super Kmart Center comprehensive analysis!


  1. Hey Super Kmart Blogger--

    Could you please e-mail at ?

    I've previously commented with sales figure and a little information about the Toledo area stores...

    Just would like to ask you a few questions, thanks!

  2. When are you going to post the Super Kmart Center comprehensive analysis?

  3. Crazy! A lot like the old Walmart that closed in my town. Looks like the stuff is strewn everywhere. That one Walmart in my town was horrible, the employees tried to always rip you off the store was very cluttered and very dirty. Like the Kmart above. Well, I do not know about their employees. The Walmart's business in Elyria, Ohio was drastically damaged when a Walmart Supercenter opened a couple miles away. Then in 2010 it closed at the same time a Walmart Supercenter opened in nearby Lorain, Ohio. all the employees at the Elyria store moved there and operate the store the same way.

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    1. Hey Jamie we r freinds on FaceBook. Intresting u posted the comment on March 4 2015 which happens to be when I turned 12 lol



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