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Friday, August 21, 2009

(former) Goldenrod Big Kmart

Goldenrod/Winter Park, FL Big Kmart
4000 Goldenrod Rd at University Blvd, Winter Park FL
Closed spring 2009 R.I.P after a new Target store was built across the street on the site of a demolished Winn-Dixie (formerly Goodings) supermarket.

Store Closing signs can be seen, 2009. The Kmart/Penske Auto Center had been closed for years already, I believe.
Here is the store back when open in 2005:

Update: Here it is after being closed, Aug 2009. Truly a sad sight?



  1. officer W. Hirsh Orlando H.PAugust 15, 2010 at 8:46 PM

    Fucking Target make my favorite store closed

  2. I don't have any problem with that because I went there several times and I didn't find what I wanted that's why I'm not nostalgic.m10m

  3. So evidently Sears holdings still refuses to compete with other stores. I know of Kmarts that were closed during the construction of a competing store with literally no other compitition in the area. Sears Holdings always takes the easiest way out instead of relaunching stores by renevating and marketing them more. Also, I have noticed that Kmart stores are the only ones on the chopping block. All the Kmarts I know of are busy, but I have never saw Sears busy. It adds insult to injury when Kmarts are converted. One Big Kmart near me was changed several years ago to Sears Grand. It is the poorest remodel I have ever saw. It is exactly like big Kmart only without sales, a pantry, and signs on the wall(literally they just took down the Big Kmarts wall signs and did not bother hanging new signs up). I guess Sears Holdings Figured a different name would get people in the store(well it did, for only a couple months).

  4. I still have a Sears grand. Well without the grand in Las Vegas. The Sears Grand is still up but it's just a regular Sears that's actually cleaner then most others and we'll organized.



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