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Friday, August 21, 2009

(former) Goldenrod Big Kmart

Goldenrod/Winter Park, FL Big Kmart
4000 Goldenrod Rd at University Blvd, Winter Park FL
Closed spring 2009 R.I.P after a new Target store was built across the street on the site of a demolished Winn-Dixie (formerly Goodings) supermarket.

Store Closing signs can be seen, 2009. The Kmart/Penske Auto Center had been closed for years already, I believe.
Here is the store back when open in 2005:

Update: Here it is after being closed, Aug 2009. Truly a sad sight?


Thursday, August 20, 2009

More kmart Closings

More than two dozen kmart stores have been or will be closed in 2009, the full list here:

Anyone know when the most recent opening of a completely new kmart store was? (Not just remodel or re-brand as Sears Grand...)


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