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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Toledo OH brief glance...

Update: EXTENDED HOLIDAY STORE HOURS: Most Kmart stores nationwide are open 6am until MIDNIGHT this week (the week before Christmas). The few remaining Super Kmarts are mostly open 24 hours as usual. 

Following up from the Black Friday sales, SHLD has not broken out the details publicly, so we aren't sure how Kmart fared. Both SHLD and Walmart are no longer providing some of the sales data that they used to. But, in comparison, a low-performing very slow Rite Aid store makes around $20,000 in sales / week (non-prescription) - around $1 million/yr in sales. That's probably the same amount a slower Starbucks does in a year. From our estimates using Wal-Mart official sales data, averaged over 711 traditional stores and 2898 Supercenters but not counting Neighorhood Market, Sams Club, or international stores, we think a Wal-mart store makes around $200,000 on an average day, for around $72 million / year in sales. Optimistically, in 1994, Super Kmart was expected to hit $80 million / year in sales per store. Of course, by 1998, sales per square foot at Super K were around $330 (pretty good compared to now), with Kmart's supercenters raking in approximately $4.3 billion a year, or about $43 million per store. In 1998, Wal-Mart Supercenters did about $32 billion this year, or about $60 million per store for ~550 stores, while Super Target, with 18 stores, will do volume estimated at $800 million this year, or $44 million per store.

Anyway, we'll save our Super Kmart analysis/history/photo post for 2011. And we'll do a "Seismic Shifts in Retail" layman's analysis post in 2011. And more Kmart Photo Blog Posts, of course. Stay tuned! And don't forget to vote for your favorite Photo-post of 2010!

Finally, if you ever want a photo-post of your store with pictures you submit, just email your photos (please, .jpg /.bmp / .gif/ other acceptable formats, no Zip folders, no viruses) , any commentary you want up, and the name you want to appear as the attributed author on our site to SuperKmartBlog {a t] g ma i l (do t} com. That's SuperKmartBlog - not SuperKmart, since that account was already taken. Cheers!

From comment by reader Daniel C: "As a sales associate for 4276 in Toledo, OH, I hope I can help you fill in on some details.

Our staffing level is roughly 70 permanent employees with around 30 temporary associates hired for October through the second week of January.

Sales for last Thanksgiving were $59,000 and we finished 10% over last year's figures. Black Friday sales were $196,000 and we finished at $192,000 (however, while we did not match last year's number, we did perform 8.8% over sales plan). On Saturday we did $56,000 last year and finished 16% over last year's numbers.

Our store (which is a 86,000 square foot store) performed at the top of our district and almost beat the Fremont store (which is a Super Kmart)."

So naturally, we were curious. At first we thought this was Daniel's store:

but it turns out that was actually Kmart Store #4209 
627 E Manhattan BLVD
Toledo, OH 43608

Another Kmart in Toledo is his store!

2244 South Reynolds Road, Toledo, OH
110,286 Sq Ft w/ 4000 sq ft auto center (I think the Sq Ft is total, not just gross selling area, not sure if it includes the auto center)

photos of KM4276 taken from Microsoft/Bing Maps.


  1. HEY I have images of a new and remodeled kmart. Do you have an email I can send? I can send with descriptions and facts of this store.

  2. just email your photos (please, .jpg /.bmp / .gif/ other acceptable formats, no Zip folders, no viruses) , any commentary you want up, and the name you want to appear as the attributed author on our site to SuperKmartBlog {a t] g ma i l (do t} com. That's SuperKmartBlog [a t} gma il (d ot) com.

  3. HEY!!

    I'm Dan... associate hailing from 4276!! Sorry about the "mix-up" with my store's square footage... according to our department adjacency map, they say 86,000 square feet... I'm probably going to say that is our total SELLING square feet... I say this because we have large stockrooms and the attached auto-garage... And by the way, I'll get you a scanned copy of the adjacency map so you can see what an "x-ray" of a Kmart looks like!!

    Anyways, since your curious about the Mahatten Blvd. Kmart. It's located in a highly urban, inter-city portion of Toledo. For those of you familiar with the general area, the Kmart is minutes away from the Jeep assembly plant. The store is a medium-sized Kmart... larger in some areas (health/beauty, pantry) and smaller in others (garden shop, seasonal, and electronics items). It also located in an "ethnic area" and has additional merchandise that appeals to the African-American/Black market.

    This Kmart does quite well for the area... Very interesting though. The Kroger that used to be next door closed and the nearest grocery store is a Save-A-Lot down the road. Because of this, sales in the pantry and HBA have increased. Many sales are also through foodstamps. This location also has a large lay-a-way sales figure.

    It is a high-theft store has a "large" loss prevention team... with 3 loss prevention officers (plain dress), uniformed security, and many items locked-up. Our LPO used to work at the this location... and if you wanted to hear a laugh, just have him tell you a story about one of his busts.

    This Kmart does, not the biggest saler, but not the worst, it does okay. Toledo also gives the company a tax incentive to stay put... but this Kmart isn't going anywhere.

    Anyways sorry about the delayed response... I've been busy with school and such and I don't get to check back as much as I wish. Anyways, feel free to contact with questions if you have questions. I will try to get you pictures of my store... 4276!!

    Dan C.
    Toledo, OH Kmart 4276

    PS. Kmart 4276 has a 3.5% sales increase for the past fiscal year... We JUST MISSED $10 million dollars by a little... but any sales increase is a good one!

  4. wow thanks Dan! -SuperKmartBlog

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