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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Iowa City, Iowa

The laundromat, part of what parent company Sears Holdings Corp. calls its "test-and-learn philosophy," will have 31 washers and 30 dryers, free high-speed wireless Internet access, a wash-and-fold drop-off service, and a rewards system for frequent users. The laundromat also has a full-service Kmart register.
(Photo from the SunTimes)

Kwash will have the largest loaders in the area, ranging in size from 18 pounds, to 30, 40, 60, and 80-pound washers, and prices will vary accordingly. For instance, the 30-pound washer will cost $2.97 a load, while the 60-pound washer will be $5.97. He said the rates are competitive, but no one will be able to match the convenience of shopping and getting the laundry done simultaneously. Time is money. (And service in-store)

See full article from WalletPop:

Interesting concept... small steps, but still not going to be a "big hit" companywide though.

Also, SHLD reports Q1 2010 results. Kmart gross margins 24.3% with SG&A 21.8% (Selling/General Admin Expenses) with 1,320 stores as of May 1 2010, down from 1,364 a year ago. (comparison, Sears US is 30.3% gross margin 27.1% SG&A and down to 907 from 926 stores)

Anyway, next time, we'll spotlight the top 10 smallest Kmarts, coincidentally many of which are in Iowa.


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