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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville Big Kmart and Kmart Express

Big Kmart and Kmart Express gas station

A visit on a July 2009 weeknight showed only a handful of customers browsing the store. This store still had an open Little Caesars Pizza cafe inside, immediately to the right of the entrance. The store was stocked as an average Kmart, but too many of the lights were off. A rare Kmart Express gas station was operating on the outskirts of the shopping plaza, with signs promoting cents off per gallon discounts if one used a Sears card, and (not sure how this works) more discounts if a Blue Light was flashing at the pump.

The entrance/exit area with a Little Caesars!

Wii ad on the security detectors by the exit.

Standard "Thank you for shopping Big Kmart" sign

Standard pharmacy


Auto products

Craftsman tool corner


Wrangler and other apparel

Olan Mills portrait studio

ProtegeMVP shoes

attention (brand) apparel now complements the growing lineup of trendy clothing brands offered including Disney, Levi Strauss Signature, Wrangler, Route 66, Jaclyn Smith, Joe Boxer, Basic Editions, etc.

Hey someone is eating there!

The Kmart Express gas station:

Photos taken July 2009.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lubbock Kmart

formerly Super Kmart Center
now open as Kmart


One of the few (less than 50) remaining Super Kmart Centers and few remaining Kmarts in Texas in 2009, this store was de-"grocerized" into a Kmart earlier this year.


Fresh Foods!


Specialty foods!

A lot of empty registers!

Photos taken June 2006

Nashville Airport Big Kmart

Donelson Big Kmart
530 Donelson Pike
Nashville, TN 37214

This kmart is pretty nice, well stocked and clean as you can see from the photos below. Though who uses Olan Mills portrait studios anymore in the age of digital cameras?

Kenmore Grills in front of the pharmacy

Craftsman brand tools

DieHard brand auto batteries

Craftsman brand tools

Price scanners

Lots of bikes

Martha Stewart Everyday housewares

Neatly stocked shelves

Disney brand infants' apparel

Protege MVP shoes

Spanish subtitles

Olan Mills Portrait Studios


Photos Taken March 2009
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